Obtaining a China Work Visa

May 24, 2010

These past few weeks were spent in gathering information on obtaining my work visa/permit for my abroad assignment ..

Because our company does not have an official office in Beijing yet, I will need to obtain an invitation letter to work abroad from IBM China.  The process of getting an invitation letter from IBM can be a bit lengthy because there are many departments we need to work with, and also determining # of entries granted by the Chinese Government since now they’ve become much more strict on granting multi-entry visa. 

Some of the documents/information IBM had asked from me:

1.Name(on your passport)


3.Passport Number


5.Current Position(title)

7.Proposed Schedule

– (Arrive date)

– (Leave date)

8.Period of stay

9.Single or Mutiple visa:

10.Your Local Sponsor Manager(in China)

11. Sponsor Manager’s serial number

After working with IBM FESCO, we will then provide the invitation letter along with my passport and other documents to the immigration lawyer .. for him to prepare the work permit.  I have decided to use my US passport for this process.  However, will probably re-apply for my Taiwanese passport when I get back to Asia to expedite the process .. will most likely apply for Tai Bao Identification as well so I can cut lines at the airport! 😀

What a process!


Immunization Shots

May 11, 2010

Because of my future travels .. I’ve decided to visit the doctor’s office, btw, must give my primary doctor Dr. Khalsa a quick shout-out .. she is the BEST doctor ever! 

We met a few weeks ago to discuss all the potential immunization shots I will be needing for staying in China .. and in case I’d like to travel to the rural areas (yes, I will, dont hate). 

The crazy thing is .. when I was moving to the states, my middle school required for me to have quite a few shots completed before my arrival .. and because my mommy dearest had lost my little card, I literally retook ALL the immunization shots there are possible and I got another little card that shows all my shots have been completed! *gold star!

Now, this time around .. mommy dearest has managed to lose my little card again!!! *gasp! 

So, being the anal little girl that I am .. I’ve decided to retake EVERYTHING .. again *shrug.

Here are some most important ones:

Hepatitis A & B .. very important due to the high level of Hep A virus infection where exposure might occur through food or water in China .. I know for sure I got the Hep B shots (three shots in a series .. TWICE!) -__-


H1N1 .. that’s right! I now fear no cold! Muahhah!



Japanese Encephalitis


and honestly .. I have no idea what else I took .. but .. my arm is about to fall off that is for sure 😛

Off to being a healthy baby! 😀


May 3, 2010

I’ve mentioned this word a few times in my previous entry, for those of you who are not familiar with this terminology, an Expatriate (in abbreviated form, Expat) is a person temporarity or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of the person’s upbringing or legal residence. 


Now the delima is .. I grew up in Taiwan, came to the states when I was 13. Now going (/back) to Asia, am I still considered an Expat? 😉

Beijing: Office Location

May 3, 2010

The final office locations have been narrow’d down to 2 choices!!  The operations team informed me this past week they’d like for me to choose where I want to open the office when I arrive in Beijing, excitment!!

Being the worry-bug and impatient person that I am, I’ve started researching on these two locations (thanks to the great help of Google, Helen, Clavin, and Lily!) to see what areas they are like, and of course, which apartment buildings are in the surroundings (this will be left for another blog entry).

Location #1: China Central Place, Beijing

China Central Place

Level 24, Tower 3
China Central Place, 77 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100025, China

Set amidst the lively Chaoyang district, China Central Place is fast gaining the reputation as Beijing’s latest tourist and shopping destination of choice. Located adjacent to the Sihui Bridge at the intersection of East Chang’ An Avenue and East 4th Ring Road and is the eastern gateway to Beijing’s CBD.

The mega scale project features 9 International apartment buildings, 3 spectacular office towers and 2 luxury international hotels – the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. China Central Place is the epitome of today’s fine living infused with commercial and recreational amenities.

Designed by the famous architectural maestro James von Klemperer of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, the project deploys the use of striking composition of diagonal volumes whose appearance is softened at the lowest five stories by terracotta screens. A feature of the project is two major public parks each of over 2 hectares is size.

Location #2: Oriental Plaza, Beijing

Oriental Plaza

Level 19, Tower E2
Oriental Plaza, 1 East Chang An Avenue, Dong Cheng District
Beijing 100738 P.R.C., China

Located at the hub of Beijing’s political and economical precinct Dong Cheng District. One of Beijing’s most prestigious structures, the Oriental Plaza sits in the heart of the city’s business district. As well as the many facilities within the Plaza itself, government ministries required to facilitate business in Beijing are in the immediate vicinity, including: the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the Beijing Municipal Government, the General Administration of Customs for the P.R.C. and the Ministry of Communications.

Both locations have their pros and cons .. the question now comes down to …

Where will I be happier living and working at everyday?  Ideally I’d like to get my apartment close to the office so beat the hot summer and cold winter days of BJ.  Based on my research, it seems that China Central Place is where most of the Expats live and where most of the foreign restaurants are located, however, the area near Oriental Plaza, is where most of the cultral offerings are located (also where WangFuJing, the super awesome + cool tourisy location is!).  I will be making several visits before I sign the final lease when I get to Beijing, the office locations will be determined by it’s location, the building itself, and also my future home!

Will keep you updated on where I finally end up at 😀

Shanghai, China

April 26, 2010

Sitting by the restaurant the enjoying the view of this amazing city 🙂  

The Bund stretches one mile along the bank of the Huangpu River, there are many foreign restaurants, banks, and businesses along this long stretch of roads.   

the bund


The amazing busy streets of New World, Nanjing Road, and more!
 The area consists of traditional shanghainese restaurants including the world famous Xiao Long Bao!! and temples. I loved wandering around this area, looking at the many hand-made art each store has to offer, waiting in a two hour line for the freshly steamed xiao long bao. I’d say this was my fav. part of the trip 🙂

Fav. Streets in the City!
Night Market

 Waking up at an early Saturday morning, just in time to get one of my fav. chinese breakfast!  Dan Bin! 


April 23, 2010

THE date is set!

Leaving for Beijing on either July 8th or June 28th for the new advanture in the Virtual World.

After speaking with upper management, we will target the move during this time .. based on several reasons:


1. Training Program: being a new member on the team, and also the only person in Beijing for ON24, not only will I need to be well-prepared with knowledge on our Virtual Event platform but also on the Webcasting side of business as well.  In urgent matters, I will not have enough time to wait for the U.S. team turnaround (typically will be 24 hours).

2. Team Building: being closer to the U.S. support team and understanding all necessary processes before I head out into the APAC market and being alone.

3. Client Expectations: receiving an invitation from IBM China for me to start an office for ON24’s presence in Beijing


1. Relationships: more time spent with my loved ones here in the states. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, to move away from my family and friends. Any additional time I get to spend with them, is valuable.

2. Health: still yet to get many immune shots completed prior to my move, because, I certainly do not plan on staying in Beijing all the time!  My goal for the rest of the year and moving forward is to explore the surroundings of China, Southeast Asia, learn more, see more, and eat more!

Excited, yet .. nervous 😉

Social Webcasting

April 23, 2010

How social media has effected the virtual event industry ..

ON24, inc., the company I am currently with, specializes in webcasting and virtual events. Earlier this month, the company introduced the new “Social Webcasting” platform, which, essentially engages all audience who are attending the webcasts (whether live or simulive (on-demand)) in an interactive environment. Attendees are able to maximize the volume of each webcast content and also interact in a socially driven setting.

 To read more:


 Love it! 🙂

Another love in life .. My Job

April 23, 2010

Virtual is the New Reality

In today’s economy, many companies have decided to spend less on travel across departments which resulted in virtual events being used to deliver multi-functional events including trade shows, career fairs, trainings, product introduction sessions, and company-wide meetings. 

Technologies allowed these virtual events look and feel like their physical counterparts by demostrating real-life webcasts, green-screen in person greetings, interactive communications among participants.  Metrics are captured by navigating through the platform and reports are easily delivered to the event managers.  By promoting an event virtually, audience are able to receive the buzz via internet and promotional emails and have more incentives to enter this environment without having to deal with the troubles of air-travel.  Instead, they are able to attend any events in the leasure of their home/office or event at a cafe. 

As the demand of virtual technology continously increases, many companies in this industry have taken a drastic change in designing the live environments and platforms to suite clients’ needs.  Some are even expanding globally to enter the global market, including EMEA, APAC, and more. 

It sure is an exciting time in this industry right now .. observing the trend 🙂

Lettuce Wrapped Beef

April 22, 2010
Lettuce Wrap’d Beef 😉

 1. Ingredients:  Lettuce, Ground Beef, Bean Curd, Carrots, Bean Sprouts, Cucumbers, Garlic, Ginger, Hot Sauce, Garlic Hot Sauce, Chinese Cooking Wine

2. Cut off the head of lettuce and rince, steam for 5 mins to make each leaf soft, set aside to cool off

3. Heat up cooking olive oil in frying pan, stir fry the minced garlic and giner slices for 1 minute

4. In frying pan, add in ground beef, minced bean curd, stir fry for 10 mins

5. Add in Chinese cooking wine, hot sauce, and garlic hot sauce to frying pan

6. Add in cucumber cubes, minced bean sprouts, and minced carrots and stir fry for another 5 minutes

Pickled Beef

7. Use each cabbage leaf as a placeholder, add in rice or noodle of your choice and the finisehd meat dish and Viola!  enjoy your quickly prepared dinner! 🙂

the SET

Montreal, Canada

April 18, 2010
Montreal, Canada


Hopped onto the express train from Quebec City to Montreal, enjoyed a pure 3.5 hours of scenary (not really) and .. of course, taking advantage of the unlimited alcohol beverage offers from the train (true story). 

We checked into Hyate Regency in downtown and got ready for our dinner at Toque!, a well known french restaurant in Old Montreal for its tasting menu.  Amazing food and fantastic service with a great selection of wine.  We got to visit the wine celler, hold a $10k bottole of wine (thank god didnt drop it), tour the kitchen, spoke with the head chef (he even got us a reservation at Au Pied de Cochon, where we had a hard time getting a reservation, for the next night!), then they gave us 8 pastries to go .. in my little (big clutch) .. awesome!

Visited the W bar and decided to head back to the hotel and rest but craved more beer so we decided to head to St. Laurent street .. but somehow ended up at a strip club (only because they offered beer, and because we could not walk any longer .. in the old ;)) .. first time ever! and let’s just say .. we got really lucky with the ‘shows’ .. US banned 😉

 More to come 🙂